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I afresh had a adventitious to allocution to Chris Ronneseth of Trek Holidays (see account preview) who gave me a acceptable overview of chance travel, an breadth of biking I absolutely would like to analyze eventually than later…1. Tell us how you got into the chance biking business.I grew up about travel. My father, Allan Ronneseth founded the aggregation in 1972 and with a affection to see the apple in a altered way than the norm, we had the befalling to biking to countries that were advised alien at that time and to some admeasurement still are today. Venturing out on my own traveling while accessory University I became added and added amorous about the apple above North America. With a amount in marketing, I ventured off aboriginal to New York and afterwards to Toronto alive in sales and business for technology companies during the tech boom. Accepting abstruse the accomplishment of sales in an industry alfresco of biking but backed with an accomplishments abiding in chance travel, I fabricated the progression to branch up sales in Eastern Canada for the ancestors business area I now accommodate abutment to our arrangement of biking agents above Eastern Canada as able-bodied as accumulation our account newsletter on chance biking trends.2. What countries accept you catholic to?Africa: Namibia, South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Zambia, Egypt, MoroccoEurope: UK, Greenland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, AustriaAsia: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Hong KongSouth Pacific: Australia, Cook Islands, Tonga, FijiAmericas: Canadian Top Arctic, USA, Mexico, Jamaica, Cayman Islands,Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia3. Please allotment with us your top three biking memories of all times.A. Peru -The endure bank into Machu Picchu on the acclaimed Inca Trail from the Sun Gate afterwards seeing aurora over the site, getting the aboriginal to access the website at aurora and accepting a action of peace, accord and able abracadabra in the air.B. Vietnam – Travelling the countryside of Vietnam by motorbike and barrier aloft a hidden and hardly visited Buddhist Monastery consistent in a three-hour appointment with a adolescent Buddhist abbot acquirements and compassionate anniversary other’s ways.

C. Namibia – Skydiving at dusk at Swakopmund on the bank area the Atlantic Ocean meets the blood-red bank dunes for as far as the eye can see. One of the a lot of agreeable moments of my life.4. What is chance biking and how has it acquired over the endure few decades?Adventure biking acclimated to beggarly top chance aback if the aggregation was founded in the seventies, it was time if the ‘hippie-trail’ was hot and buses acclimated to biking above Asia from London to Kathmandu with itineraries that were abundantly invented forth the way. Today it is about the baby accumulation acquaintance and about experiencing a destination rather than artlessly seeing it. It is about accord and compassionate of cultures, history and community and getting able to yield that acquaintance abroad as accessory to your circadian life.5. Who goes on your chance biking tours and why? What is the age, gender, allegiance and assets akin of the humans that go on your tours?Adventure biking is abundantly about the affection to do it. For this acumen it crosses boundaries of age, gender and assets aback the accepted ambition of the travelers is the acquaintance behindhand of their action at home. However the bigger demographic for us and the a lot of important advance demographic is the baby-boomers who accept accomplished the acceptable bank vacation several times over and now accept the time and disposable assets to biking to added alien destinations. Allegiance is about fabricated up of abundantly English-speaking nations with the architecture in adjustment of numbers getting Brits, Australians, Canadians, New Zealanders, Americans, some acreage Europe, some Latin American countries and the odd Asian traveler.We action added than 120 countries accepted about just about everywhere. However countries currently accounted to be alarming for biking (eg. Iraq, Afghanistan) are not included but we apprehend they will be in the years to appear as the bearings stabilizes.7. What blazon of adaptation is offered?We action about speaking annihilation from 2 brilliant account adaptation to 6 brilliant abode adventures in Africa and aggregate in between. However what is accepted to all places we break is that they accept to be clean, comfortable, centrally-located and a lot of important accept appearance that is cogitating of the destination.8. How do these tours plan for individual travellers? Do you accommodate a travel-mate analogous service? What happens if I adopt individual accommodation?Our tours are advised with individual travellers in mind. In actuality 50% of all our travellers appear by themselves. We bout humans up of the aforementioned gender and like age to allotment and abstain charging them a supplement. If audience adopt their own room, we can do this on about 60% of the tours, usually the added upmarket ones, but at a amount that is fair and affordable.9. What about meals?Depending on the cruise we about cover breakfasts and some dinners but about never cafeteria as abounding humans like to be out at midday authoritative their own discoveries. However if biking or in the countryside or area alternatives do not abide we will consistently cover meals.10. What are the different allowances of chance tours as compared to added types of travel?A faculty of achievement, superior of experience, traveling with a baby accumulation of just ten humans on average, about bigger amount than commensurable bus tours, brotherhood with individuals that allotment a affection for this blazon of travel.11. What blazon of activities are offered in your tours?Sightseeing is a above allotment of every bout but above that we wish to cover as abounding cultural adventures as accessible such as homestays with bounded families, apple visits, etc. We aswell accept abounding alternative activities accessible such rafting, sailing, auto safaris, day treks, etc.12. Is there such a affair as chance tours for families?We now accept tours congenital abnormally for families to biking with added families area accouchement are age six and up. There is a ample demographic of ‘late-starter’ families who never had accouchement until in their 30s. Abounding of these humans catholic with us in their 20s or backpacked apart and now wish to accord that acquaintance to their children. They are not absorbed in introducing them to the ‘coca-cola’ ability accepted in today’s society. These accept been met with abundant success.

13. Please allotment with us applied admonition for anyone who’s never approved chance travel.Safety is a accompaniment of mind. A lot of humans who accept not to biking to alien destinations do so because of a abhorrence for their assurance while in the destination. If you heed the admonition of your bout baton and be applied about any destination in the apple can accommodate a safe, defended and memorable experience. Area we accept had problems with assurance it has about consistently been a apathy for accepted faculty and advice. Don’t be abashed of experiencing added cultures, you will about consistently acquisition that your concern will be the best adviser admitting it all and that aforementioned concern will be alternate by the humans we accommodated forth the way. It is about acquirements and compassionate added humans as abundant as they charge to accept us. It absolutely does compress the world. Our additional better botheration would be dehydration, if traveling to hot, dry countries or area action is complex such as biking ensure you alcohol lots of water!14. How abundant time do you biking yourself these days?Generally 5 or 6 weeks a year. It is acute to my sales ability and acquaintance and I owe it to my barter to be the able in what we do! All of our advisers are accustomed admirable biking opportunities which goes beeline to our aggregation motto: Able admonition from those who accept been there!15. Area are you traveling next?I plan this year on convoying a cruise aback to Egypt in April, to South Africa in May to acquaintance some of our new backdrop we plan with and to hopefully yield a ancillary cruise to Mozambique. Afterwards in the year I plan to accomplish my way to Turkey and the Patagonian outdoors In Chile & Argentina.Thanks, Chris, for all your information, and accept fun on your trips!